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Emergency Numbers

BFAB voice mail:

Picture of Cat with Telephone

Office: 236-7333
Emergency: 737-1108

Cedar Tree Vets
Email: cedartreevets@gmail.com

Ettrick Animal Hospital
Emergency: 292-8181

Endsmeet Animal Hospital
694-0703 (Pager)
Web site www.endsmeet.com

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Bermuda Feline Assistance Bureau

The Bermuda Feline Assistance Bureau (BFAB) is a registered Bermuda charity established in 1992. It's main purpose is to control the feral cat population in Bermuda by means of the trap, test, spay/neuter & release programme. BFAB seeks an overall decrease in the number of feral cats in Bermuda.

BFAB, with the help of a donor, has brought in a book, by Dr Linda Elder, Foundation for Critical Thinking, called "Fair-minded Fran and the Three Small Black Community Cats". It is a beautifully illustrated and told tale of a young girl, Fran who notices the cats at her school and finds out what to do to help them.

Some of the books are being donated to school libraries and the main libraries. The rest are available for sale at $10 with all proceeds going to BFAB's spay/neuter programme.

Read about it in the Royal Gazette.

Cats desperately in need of a home after the passing of their human


" They are so cute. About 5 years old perhaps. They turned up as kittens and my mum and the lady who lived downstairs fed them. One of them started going in the house with the lady downstairs until she had to leave because she became too frail to live on her own. My mum kept feeding them. When they come to eat they will let me give them a head scratch etc so they are friendly.
They are in Warwick by Astwood Cove Park. We would try to rehome them with us but our dog will not allow it!
Really want to help these cats. Would be willing to supply everything needed including food and any vet treatment if someone takes them.
Thanks for any help you can give. Please contact me. "


Claudia@expertise.bm or 300-0237

The winners of our poster competition have now been chosen

A huge thank you to our sponsors Whiska's, who sponsored the gallery and promotional costs, and DNA Creative Shoppe who sponsored the fabulous prizes...every child who entered walked away with a fabulous goodie bag of art supplies! A special thanks to The Bermuda Sun and Bernews for their assistance with promoting the event.

Read more about it and see some of the posters and the people.

BFAB's Background

Bermuda is a small sub-tropical island, 21 sq. miles in area that is home to a population of some 60,000 people. Irresponsible pet ownership & a warm climate combine to ensure a large stray & feral cat population that has its origins in the domestic cat population. Feline diseases such as Feline AIDS (FIV) and Feline Leukaemia (FeLV) are also present on the island.

In the 1970's, Bermuda's dog population was brought under control through the enforcement of new laws. This removed the main predator to cats. At that time, the Government operated a feline trap & destroy programme, which had little impact on the feral cat population. Out of the failure of 'trap and kill' in controlling the feral cat population in Bermuda grew the trap/neuter/return programme .

A group of people concerned about the problem of feral cats in Bermuda started BFAB (originally known as the Bermuda Feline Aid & Assistance Bureau) in 1992. In particular, these citizens were concerned about the health, reproduction & behaviour of the feral cats.

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